Stacy Niedzwiecki

    46, Rockford, MI

    Ambassador Image

    I cannot express enough words of gratitude for what CLENZIderm Therapeutic Lotion has done for my complexion. About 7 years ago, as my photography business truly began to expand, the acne (which I had been battling since my college years) took a turn for the worse. When I tried to go about my daily life, I felt as if people saw my acne FIRST—instead of the real me. It seemed that whenever an important art fair, gallery exhibit, or public speaking engagement would come up, a massive breakout would occur. Attempting to cover my whole face with makeup naturally made the situation worse. I even clearly recall the day when I asked my husband to deliver artwork on my behalf to a client. I simply couldn’t bear the thought of being seen by my customers with a face peppered with large inflamed bumps. On another occasion, I sadly missed a fun party with my little boy.

    I wanted to live my life to its fullest potential—not spend hours trying to mask the situation, or deal with the skin care routines required (none of which worked). One day, I saw a local television show for a skin care clinic near my home. Until that point, I hadn’t considered any other options beyond a dermatologist. I went in asking if I would be a good candidate for some sort of laser treatment or dermabrasion to help alleviate the acne. I was offered the CLENZIderm kit, and I completely balked at the idea, having tried benzoyl peroxide solutions multiple times without success. It took quite a bit of convincing, but the technician assured me often results could begin in one treatment kit.

    Within 2 weeks, my persistent acne subsided. In fact, I almost never have breakouts now! Even though it’s been months since I started using CLENZIderm, it still leaves me in amazement of how well it works. Having a clear face has freed up hours of time away from the bathroom mirror. Some days I can leave the house without foundation on at all—which I couldn’t even fathom prior to using this product! As a busy mother and active freelance business owner, I want to thank you for the gift of time and self-esteem.