Kim Roberts

    47, Union, KY

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    Obagi Nu-Derm® System

    I grew up as a MAJOR sun worshiper. I cared nothing about sunscreen. I would lay out in the sun everyday with straight suntan oil on for many years. I never dreamed of that future day that I could possibly get skin cancer from this. I also never thought that I would get wrinkles. I just always thought that a tan made me look good and I didn’t care about the consequences.*

    The first time I came upon Obagi was when I went to an opening of a new salon/spa that was doing facials, etc. I registered for products that they were giving away and I won a huge basket of Obagi products. That was about 12 years ago and I have used them every day since. I love the entire Obagi line and I am constantly telling others about it.

    I believe that if it were not for this line of products I would look about 15 years older than I really am. My sun damage had to be horrible. I had acne-prone skin even in my 30’s and 40’s, very oily skin, discoloration and large pores. My skin appears more even toned and my pores are no longer noticeable.

    I constantly have people asking me what kind of work I have had done on my face, because I’m 47 and my skin is beautiful. I always get compliments on my skin. I never dreamed of the day that I would walk out of my house at the age of 47 with no makeup on. I do it often, especially on weekends and you know what?  I don’t care who I run into. I have found myself, as I’m getting older, getting away from the heavy makeup and going towards just a tinted moisturizer and mascara. I have found that I have less to hide under makeup. I’m more confident now in my late 40’s than I was in my 20’s.

    I truly believe that all of this is from using the Obagi products. It really works. I would hate to see what my face would have looked like without this line of products.

    * Repeated exposure of unprotected skin while in the sun or tanning may increase the risk of skin aging, skin cancer, and other harmful effects to the skin even if you do not burn.  To decrease this risk, regularly use a sunscreen with a Broad Spectrum SPF value of 30 or higher and other sun protection measures including:

    • limit time in the sun, especially from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
    • wear long-sleeve shirts, pants, hats, and sunglasses

    The safety and effectiveness of the Nu-Derm System beyond 24 weeks have not been established.
    Individual results may vary.