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    34, Edmonds, WA

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    Obagi Nu-Derm® System

    Becoming a mom is one of life’s landmark experiences. And as much as you’re learning how to care for the new little people in your world, taking care of yourself becomes both harder and so much more important. There’s a reason the flight attendant says to put on your own oxygen mask first before helping others.

    When I became a new mom, I grappled with post-partum anxiety and depression and by the time my second child came, it felt like I was a drowning person fighting for air. I got serious about taking care of myself so that I could have the stamina to care for my kids. I delved into nutritional remedies, blocked out the time I needed to recharge, and worked with my doctor to bring my hormones into balance. But even after I was feeling like myself again, there was one area that made me feel self-conscious and frustrated no matter how many juice cleanses I did or supplements I took: my skin. I had melasma, a condition brought on by the hormones of pregnancy that caused large brown patches on my upper lip and forehead.

    I tried over-the-counter solutions, but even after months of faithful application and sun-protection, my hyperpigmentation was no better than when I’d started. I finally decided to talk with a dermatologist, and that’s when Obagi Nu-Derm came into the picture.

    I’ve been using the Nu-Derm system for five weeks now, and I’m already seeing recession of the melasma. My doctor and I discussed laser treatment initially, but when she saw me 4 weeks after starting Obagi Nu-Derm, we both felt that the system was working so well, it alone could remedy my melasma. We decided to hold off on other treatments and follow up after another 8 weeks with just the Nu-Derm system.

    There was a time when my melasma was so embarrassing that I couldn’t fathom ever leaving the house without makeup again. Just last week I went 4 days without applying any makeup at all. I’m still on my Obagi journey right now, but the results I’ve already seen have given me confidence in the products and, ultimately, in myself again.

    Being a mom doesn’t mean you have to accept a lesser version of yourself. Just the opposite, I want my children to see the importance I’m placing on self-care so that they learn to value and care for themselves too as they become more independent. I can only assume that having a mother who feels confident, free, and empowered sets an example that they will want to follow.

    The safety and effectiveness of the Nu-Derm System beyond 24 weeks of use have not been established.