Buckley Wallace

    19, Argyle, TX

    Ambassador Image

    I discovered Obagi when staying with a friend at an equestrian competition about a year ago. As a teen I’ve suffered from all the typical skin blemishes and irritations that teens face, but as an equestrian athlete I have the additional problem of being out in the sun riding and competing all the time. I don’t have a lot of time for a complex skin routine and have used a lot of different products, but when I first “borrowed” my friend’s Obagi, I knew I had found a keeper! I did wind up ordering my own products, the Obagi CLENZIderm Daily Care and Pore Therapy and they have been a mainstay in my skin care routine. I’ve found that they definitely help soothe my skin. I’ve never used another product that is as effective in helping me maintain my skin. Thanks so much to Obagi!!