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General Questions

When will I start earning points?

Instantly! Start earning points as soon as you log your first Obagi purchase on the app.

What participating products count toward Obagi Premier Points?

We offer more than 60 participating products for purchase at this time. Obagi Premier Points can be earned only from purchases of the following products in a physician's office: Obagi Nu-Derm®, Obagi-C®®, CLENZIderm M.D., Professional-C, Obagi360®, Obagi Hydrate®, Sun Shield, KèraPhine® and SUZANOBAGIMD. All other Obagi products are excluded from the program.

How many points do I receive for these products?

View our product point values here.

What are the participating products I can redeem for free within Obagi Premier Points?

The following participating products are currently available to redeem for free:

TIER 200

  • Obagi Nu-Derm Foaming Gel 6.7 fl oz (198 mL)
  • Obagi Nu-Derm Toner 6.7 fl oz (198 mL)
  • Obagi-C® C-Cleansing Gel 6.0 fl oz (177 mL)
  • Obagi360® Exfoliating Cleanser 5.1 fl oz (150 mL)

TIER 300

  • Obagi360 HydraFactor Broad Spectrum SPF 30 2.5 oz (75 g)
  • Obagi360 Retinol 0.5 1.0 oz (28 g)
  • Obagi360 Retinol 1.0 1.0 oz (28 g)
  • Obagi Hydrate® 1.7 oz (48 g)
  • Sun Shield Matte Broad Spectrum SPF 50 3.0 oz (85 g)

TIER 400

  • Obagi Nu-Derm Exfoderm® 2.0 oz (57 g)
  • Obagi Nu-Derm Exfoderm Forte 2.0 oz (57 g)
  • Obagi-C C-Exfoliating Day Lotion 2.0 oz (57 g)
  • Professional-C Suncare 1.7 oz (48 g)
  • Obagi Hydrate Luxe® 1.7 oz (48 g)

TIER 500

  • ELASTIderm® Eye Cream 0.5 oz (15 g)
  • ELASTIderm Eye Serum 0.47 fl oz (14 mL)
  • Professional-C Serum 15% 1.0 fl oz (30 mL)
  • Professional-C Eye Brightener 0.5 fl oz (15 mL)
  • Professional-C Peptide Complex 1.0 fl oz (30 mL)

How often are these redeemable participating products changed or updated?

Redeemable participating products will be reviewed and may change every 6 months. However, should products become low on inventory, Obagi reserves the right to remove products as necessary.

How do I access my account?

You can access your account directly from your smartphone using the mobile app.

How can I find a participating provider?

In your Obagi Premier Points app, go to the Find Obagi screen. Search by physician name or your ZIP code to locate an Obagi physician using the Automatic Geo Location feature.

How can I find a participating provider?

In your Obagi Premier Points app, go to the Find Obagi screen. Search by physician name or your ZIP code to locate an Obagi physician using the Automatic Geo Location feature.

Do my points ever expire? Can they be reinstated if they do?

Your points never expire!

Is there a maximum number of points I can accumulate per year?

No, there is no maximum.

Are joint accounts available for family and friends?

No, only one account per person is allowed.

Do I have to stay with the same skin care provider/physician?

You can earn points any time you purchase eligible Obagi products from any participating physician's office.



How do I earn points?

You can earn points instantly by making a qualifying Obagi purchase from a participating Obagi physician’s office.

How do I receive points?

Once your purchase is made, you can scan the product barcode(s) or manually select products to load the points into your account. Once the products are logged, your physician or office staff member will scan a QR code unique to that physician’s office to confirm the purchase. The app will guide you through this process each time you make a purchase.

Do online purchases qualify for Obagi Premier Points?

No, online purchases do not qualify for the program. We value our authorized Obagi partners and wish to incentivize those who make purchases through their selected physician’s office.

What do I do if there is no barcode located on my product to scan, or if I’m having scanning issues?

Click on the “Manually Select Products” link. Select the product line from the drop-down menu and then select the product.

Can I transfer my points to someone else?

No, point transfers are not allowed at this time.



Can my free product(s) ship to a different address than the one I have on file?

Yes, you will be able to confirm or update your preferred shipping address when you redeem your Obagi Premier Points for product.

How long does it take my product to ship?

Your free product(s) will be sent out for free using standard shipping. You can expect to receive your product in approximately 7-10 business days.



Where can I go for assistance?

If you experience any technical issues with the Obagi Premier Points app, please contact

For customer service issues (e.g., my product did not ship, etc.), please contact 1-800-636-7546, option 6.