What Are Peptides?

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You may have heard stories about an ingredient that can help pack a punch against the appearance of wrinkles and other visible signs of skin aging. The ingredient? Peptides! Here, we’ll spend some time de-mystifying and explaining peptides.

What exactly are peptides?

Peptides are proteins that occur in all living organisms1 and some types can help support collagen growth1,2, which is one key element to helping your skin to appear plump and firm.

What can peptides do for my skin?

Some peptides can contribute to helping the appearance of aging skin1,2 and youthfulness and may be a “go to” product for any woman over 30 who wishes to maintain the youthful appearance of her skin. When used regularly and applied topically, peptides can become a useful part of any beauty regime.

Where can I find peptides?

Peptides are showcased in Obagi’s Professional-C Peptide complex, a product that is designed to help improve the appearance of firmness, tone, and fine lines and wrinkles. It also includes growth factors kinetin and zeatin, as well as Vitamin C and other important ingredients.3

Intrigued? Want to learn more? Our website is packed-full of more information about peptides and Vitamin C products and their benefits.



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