Watch How Corinne Reached Her Personal Best!

01.09.2013, 14:28 CST | Posted In: Signs of Aging, Obagi Stories, Products, Videos

Obagi goes beyond skin care, giving women the confidence to get the most out of their lives. Just ask Corinne, one of our 2013 Obagi Ambassadors. Follow Corinne in our latest web video series as she describes how the Obagi Nu-Derm® System helped her feel comfortable in her own skin. As she says, “Your skin and your face is your gift to the world. And so I thought it’s very important to put your best face forward; try to be the best you can be.”

Watch Corinne’s video now to see how she maintains her youthful beauty as she approaches 50! Be sure to come back in a couple weeks as we will continue to feature more real women achieving real results with Obagi. Next up? Arianne, a young professional from Southern California who struggled with acne for years and wanted to achieve her personal best for her wedding.