Show Dad How Much He Means to You

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Father and child playing on beach

Over the years, your dad has likely had many heroic moments—fixing things, solving problems, teaching life lessons, and serving as a protector of your well-being. As we look back on all that our father figures have done, we realize the important role of fatherhood and the many responsibilities placed on the most important men in our lives.

Whether you’re celebrating your own father or the father of your children this Father’s Day, show him how much he means to you by planning a fun activity for your family. Unlike a shirt and tie, the memories you make will last a lifetime.

Being a Dad Is No Picnic
If Dad is always running around, crossing things off his to-do list with barely enough time to sit down for a family dinner or to watch his favorite show, Father’s Day may be the perfect opportunity to just relax and enjoy each other’s company. Grab a blanket and a couple of sandwiches and plan an afternoon picnic at his favorite park. There’s nothing better than getting some fresh air and much needed rest and relaxation with the ones you love.

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane
You’ve been stockpiling pictures and videos from the time the kids were born. When was the last time you took the time out of your busy schedule to sit down and reminisce? This Father’s Day gather the kids, pull out the old photo albums and home movies, and share a few stories, a few laughs, and maybe even a few tears.

Pampering Dad
Pampering is a term that many moms embrace but may seem like a foreign concept to Dad. However, having your skin pampered is a great way to get an immediate boost of confidence and feel refreshed. It also happens to be an excellent activity to do together.

There are many ways to help make dad’s skin glow, but perhaps one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating options is an Obagi facial treatment. Ask your skin care provider how you can schedule a customized Obagi Facial for Dad this Father’s Day. You both might be surprised at how much dad likes to be pampered!

Lend a Hand
However, if Dad loves spending his free time on household projects, gather the kids and offer to lend a hand. Turning a one-man show into a family affair is a great way to spend time together while showing him how much he really means to you. Offering to help paint the deck or wash the car might not sound like the best way to spend Father’s Day, but if you have some fun doing it, the day will fly by.

Planning the perfect Father’s Day activity for Dad is no easy task, but just remember—dads love spending time with their kids no matter how old or young they are.

Do you have other great Father’s Day activity ideas? Share them with us in the comments below or on Facebook.


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