Restoring my Health and My Skin: Obagi Ambassador Patrece

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November Obagi Ambassador Testimonial

The Obagi Ambassador submissions continue to pour in and as you share your stories of skin transformations and confidence-building beautiful skin, we continue to be touched. It was not an easy decision with so many inspirational stories, but we are thrilled to announce our newest face of Obagi, Patrece Williams. After overcoming cancer, Patrece decided the next thing to tackle was the effect her struggles had taken on her skin. Her confidence faded by the onset of hyperpigmentation and loss of her healthy glow, causing her to turn to Obagi for help. Her story of beating cancer and regaining her confidence through clearer-looking skin is an inspiration and we are proud to have her as an Obagi Ambassador.

Name: Patrece Williams
Primary skin concern: hyperpigmentation
Obagi Products: Obagi Nu-Derm® System

My Story:
As you might imagine, being a cancer patient can take a toll on you—it was hard accepting and dealing with the fact of cancer, but seeing the effects cancer had on my skin was also difficult. I developed a severe case of hyperpigmentation, peeling, rough dry spots, and loss of elasticity in my skin. I became ashamed of my skin and my confidence level had dropped significantly. I would not have been caught dead without makeup on in public.

If I could beat cancer, I could certainly overcome these skin concerns. I researched numerous skin care options and ultimately decided to go with Obagi® products after seeing how it had improved skin concerns for many of my friends. After receiving clearance from my physician, I was put on the Obagi Nu Derm System in February 2013. Along with the Nu-Derm System, I received in-office Obagi Blue Peel RADIANCE® peels and Obagi Facials every 4-6 weeks. After only 2 ½ months I saw a tremendous difference in the appearance of my skin—I was thrilled! My skin had transformed from a dark, spotty complexion to a bright, clear and even-looking tone.

Before Obagi, I felt compelled to wear a heavy concealer and foundation combination EVERY DAY! Now, thanks to Obagi, I wear concealer or foundation only when I want and there are plenty of days that I feel comfortable enough to go without makeup at all.

It may not be a huge story to some, but for me it is grand. To have a product and physician support that will help transform your skin from tired, worn, and rundown to modelesque, runway-looking is just unbelievable to me. Thanks to Obagi, I had more time to focus on other aspects in my healing process instead of having to worry about how my skin looked.

Today, I am still using all the products in the Nu-Derm System every day and my skin continues to appear more and more vibrant. Thank you so much Obagi for allowing me to regain my self-confidence and giving me the skin I always knew I could have! Obagi products are the best!

We also asked Patrece some fun questions to get to know her better.
What would you consider your biggest achievement?
Kicking cancer’s butt in 2011!!
What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you about your skin thanks to Obagi?
I was told that my skin looks a lot healthier and vibrant.
What is your best skin care advice?
It is imperative to clean your face every day, never go to bed for the night with makeup on, and always use a sunscreen....EVEN during the winter months.
Where is your dream vacation?
My dream vacation is to go to Barbados.
What is your favorite season and why?
My favorite season would be the fall. I love the earth tones and the orange and red colors that come out as the leaves and seasons change.

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