Put Your Best Face Forward: Nu-Derm Success Story

09.24.2014, 9:43 CDT | Posted In: Lines & Wrinkles, Signs of Aging, Uneven Skin Tone & Dark Spots, Obagi Stories, Products, Videos

Obagi Nu-Derm® is our #1 physician-dispensed skin care system, and if you’ve ever used it, you probably know why. This system can help you achieve healthier-looking skin!

We regularly hear from people who have experienced a real transformation in their skin after being on the Nu-Derm system, some after only a few weeks of using the products!

Allow us to introduce you to one of our Nu-Derm advocates, Corinne. She began this beauty regimen to help renew her skin’s complexion and deal with dark spots, as well as the appearance of fine lines. In her words: “I just didn’t feel good about my skin, and I didn’t feel confident about the way I looked.”

If you’ve been wondering if Nu-Derm is right for you, take a few minutes to watch Corinne’s story. Then, if you’re ready to take your next step towards healthier-looking skin, find a physician who can tell you if Nu-Derm, or another Obagi system, is right for your skin care goals.

After all, as Corinne says, “Your skin and your face is a gift to the world... It’s very important to put your best face forward.”

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Not available in select states including MA, MT, NH, NY, and TX, due to state regulations regarding the ability of physicians to dispense prescription drug products in their offices. Obagi Nu-Derm Fx System, an effective, skin-brightening transformation system, is available for residents in these 5 states.