One on One With Brand Ambassador Sandra Lassley

02.12.2013, 11:05 CST | Posted In: Dry Skin, Health & Beauty, Obagi Stories, Skin Care

One on One With Brand Ambassador Sandra Lassley

We can’t say enough about all of our inspiring Brand Ambassadors who represent the Obagi family of products. There’s no substitute for real women with real experiences!

Recently, we asked one of our newest faces, Sandra Lassley, for her take on skin care, confidence, and all things Obagi:

OBAGI: Share with us your feelings when you found out you were chosen as a winner...

SANDRA: It was with great delight that I read I was one of Obagi’s Ambassador winners! I was very excited to have been chosen among all the great stories and entries. I’m very anxious to start and fulfill my duties as an Ambassador!

OBAGI: What does being an Obagi Ambassador mean to you?

SANDRA: To me being an Ambassador means being a good example of how to care for your skin (including protecting my skin from the sun!). It also means telling others about the products that I use and why I use them when they ask about my skin or tell me that I look young for my age.

OBAGI: What Obagi products do you use? And which products do you plan to claim as your prize?

SANDRA: I use the full line. I am dry so I use the ELASTIderm® Eye Cream, the Cleanser and Toner, then Professional-C Serum. Next I use the Clear, Exfoderm®, and Sunfader®, and of course, Obagi Sunscreen. At night I use the Eye Cream and Clear. Also, 2 to 3 times a week I use the tretinoin with the Blender®. That being said, for my prize I plan on all of the above and would love to try the new moisturizer through the winter months.

OBAGI: Is there anything else you’d like to share with the Obagi community?

SANDRA: Yes! Obagi gives me hope and confidence that each day my skin can be a little bit better than the day before! I feel confident and beautiful knowing that these products aid in my skin having a natural glow and looking its very best! I am especially happy to not be dealing with the constant dryness I experienced my entire life, gobbing on moisturizers only to mask the problem. Now I am all about exfoliation!

OBAGI: What are some words of encouragement that you would want to share with other Obagi customers and fans who are just getting started with their transformation or are considering trying some products?

SANDRA: For those just starting their skin care program...congratulations! You are going to love it! Keep to your schedule and be patient—good results await you if you are consistent and patient. Your skin will undergo changes along the way as it adjusts to your new products. Do not ever think it is too late for you to make positive changes in the way your skin looks because it’s not—and please, please follow the suggestions to stay out of the sun! I wish you a very happy “glow”!

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