Obagi Helped Clear My Skin and Saved My Confidence

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Obagi Helped Clear My Skin and Saved My Confidence

Your Obagi Ambassador submissions have been pouring in and the countless stories of beautiful, life-changing skin transformations blew us away. What’s more, we were touched, not only with your results, but with YOU, your bravery to share your struggles, whether it be skin insecurities, battling polycystic ovary syndrome, skin cancer scares, melasma, acne and more... we were truly impressed and frankly, reminded of why we love what we do!

With so many inspiring stories, choosing a winner was not easy but we are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our group of amazing Obagi Ambassadors, Stacy Niedwiecki! Her battles with cystic acne took a painful toll on her self-esteem and social life. Now, thanks to Obagi CLENIZIderm M.D.™, she has a newfound confidence and beautiful, healthy skin! This is her story.

Name: Stacy
Skin concern: cystic acne
Obagi Products: Obagi CLENZIderm M.D. System

My Story: I cannot express enough words of gratitude for what Obagi CLENZIderm has done for my complexion. About 7 years ago, as my photography business* truly began to expand, my cystic acne (which I had been battling since my college years) took a turn for the worse.

I felt as if people saw my acne FIRST—instead of the real me. It seemed every time an important work opportunity would come up—a massive breakout would occur. Attempting to cover my whole face with makeup naturally made the situation worse. I even clearly recall the day when I asked my husband to deliver artwork on my behalf to a client. I simply couldn’t bear the thought of my customers seeing me with a face peppered by large, inflamed bumps. On another occasion, I sadly missed a fun party with my little boy because of this insecurity.

The pain of the acne became both physical and psychological, often leaving me reduced to frustrated tears. Having seen numerous dermatologists over the years, I had resigned myself to the idea of having acne issues permanently. The face reflected in the mirror really needed some help. I wanted to live my life to its fullest potential—not spend hours trying to mask the situation, or deal with the skin care routines required—none of which were working for me.

One day, I saw a local television show for a skin care clinic near my home. I went in asking if I would be a good candidate for some sort of laser treatment or dermabrasion to alleviate the acne. I was instead recommended a skin care kit, the Obagi CLENZIderm System. I completely balked at the idea, having tried Benzoyl Peroxide solutions multiple times without success. It took quite a bit of convincing, but the physician assured me that results often begin after just one treatment kit. Sure enough, within two weeks, my persistent acne subsided.** In fact, I almost never have breakouts now! Even though it’s been months since I started using CLENZIderm, I’m still amazed at how well it works.

Having a clear face has freed up hours of time away from the bathroom mirror. Some days I even leave the house without foundation on at all—something I couldn’t even fathom doing prior to using this system! As a busy mother and active freelance business owner, I want to thank you—for the gift of time and self-esteem.

We also asked Stacy some fun questions to get to know her better.
Obagi: Tell us a fun fact about you.
Stacy: I served in the Army Reserve for six years as a Graphic Documentation Specialist / Illustrator.

Currently, I am certified as a deckhand on a tall ship, The Friends Good Will*, out of South Haven, Michigan. We wear period clothing and take passengers out for day sails on Lake Michigan to learn about the maritime history of the Great Lakes during the War of 1812.

This past summer I assisted in crewing five passenger sails a day during the Tall Ship Festival at Navy Pier in Chicago. We then traveled the length of Lake Michigan from Chicago to the Mackinac Straits. During a portion of the voyage, we were in very rough seas—and yet—I had the chance to be at the helm during my night watch. This was no small feat as our boat is 101’ long and we were in 9’ swells!

Obagi: Share your favorite quote and author.
My favorite quote is by a Native American flute player…

"...We were put on the earth to experience life in its totality. And if you’re not doing that, you’re essentially wasting your time." ~ R. Carlos Nakai

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