New to Obagi Nu-Derm®? Join Our New Email Program for Exclusive Info and Tips Along the Way

11.20.2012, 11:59 CST | Posted In: Signs of Aging, Company News, Skin Care

New to Obagi Nu-Derm<sup>®</sup>? Join Our New Email Program for Exclusive Info and Tips Along the Way

Making a commitment to your skin is a big deal. And it may not always be easy. It takes time, dedication, and encouragement to stay the course. That’s why we’re introducing the New to Nu-Derm Program for those who are newly starting the Nu-Derm System! Designed to help maximize results on the Nu-Derm System, this new exclusive program can help guide you on your journey toward beautiful, healthy-looking skin.

If you’re just starting (or planning to start) the Nu-Derm System, sign up for our new email program and help ensure successful results. When you join the New to Nu-Derm Program, you’ll receive ongoing emails from Obagi with timely information on what to expect along the way, including:

  • Important product details and information on how to best use your Obagi products
  • Helpful tips to maximize results with the Nu-Derm System
  • Encouragement and support to help you stay motivated
  • Inspirational stories and videos of other Nu-Derm users

We’re as invested in your skin as you are, and we can’t wait to partner with you to help make your transformation a glowing success. So sign up to join the New to Nu-Derm Program and start receiving benefits as soon as possible!

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