Meet Brand Ambassador Twyla Perryman

03.20.2013, 9:28 CDT | Posted In: Acne & Blemishes, Health & Beauty, Obagi Stories, Skin Care

Meet Brand Ambassador Twyla Perryman

Professor Twyla Perryman identifies with women around the world who have seen what a lack of proper skin care can do to their complexion. As a woman with darker skin, Twyla rarely wore sunscreen, assuming it wasn’t needed—until it was too late.

Years of not protecting her skin resulted in an uneven, acne-prone, and blotchy complexion. Twyla relied on covering up, rather than clearing up her skin and, after little success with department store products, she decided it was time to invest in a skin care regimen that could deliver the results she wanted. Finally, Twyla asked her physician about Obagi...and the rest is history.

We asked Twyla to reflect on becoming a Brand Ambassador, her skin care transformation, and the overall Obagi experience. Here’s what she had to say:

“I was both pleasantly surprised and ecstatic to learn that I had been chosen by the Obagi community to represent the Obagi product. It is such an honor to have been chosen as a 2013 Obagi Ambassador because so many lives have been changed through renewed confidence in their skin as a result of using Obagi products.

For me, Obagi has produced gradual and noticeable improvement in my skin. For example, when I went to visit family this past Thanksgiving, my mother and brother commented on how vibrant and young my skin looked. My mother exclaimed, ‘Look at your skin—what are you using?’

As a result of the Obagi Nu-Derm System, I am confident that my skin still looks great even with very little makeup. I rarely break out and the uneven dark patches on my skin have faded. I can't remember when my skin was ever this even. In addition to my current system, I plan to try the Blue Peel Radiance and the ELASTIderm Eye Products.

If I were giving advice to new Obagi customers and fans, I would tell them to practice consistency when using the products and to have patience. You are changing your skin from the inside out and it takes a little time for your skin to adjust, but the results are worth it. Remember, a little bit of the Obagi products will go a long way; the system will last for a while!”

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