The Many Looks of ELASTIderm®

05.26.2015, 9:38 CDT | Posted In: Eye Area, Products

Over the years, we have updated the packaging and product design for our ELASTIderm Eye Products. As a result, you may see different packaging on our website than you receive from an authorized Obagi reseller.

You should know...

  • Your product or its packaging may look like any one of the images below, but the formula is the same. So, no matter the look of your product, you’ll be getting all of the benefits of ELASTIderm!
  • We can only guarantee the authenticity of products purchased through one of our authorized physician partners – so make sure you are getting your products from the right source!

So, without further are the many looks of ELASTIderm!

ELASTIderm Cream 


ELASTIderm Serum 


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