Makeup Made Just for You

07.18.2012, 11:43 CDT | Posted In: Uneven Skin Tone & Dark Spots, Health & Beauty

Makeup Made Just for You

With temperatures rising and the sun shining brighter than ever, summer is a great time to change up your makeup routine. Everyone’s complexion is different, so working with colors that complement your skin tone can create a naturally beautiful, glowing look for the summer.

Here are some suggestions on how to bring out the best of your skin tone and look radiant this summer, no matter your complexion type!

Dark skin
When looking for a pop of color, anything with a hint of purple, like fuchsia lipstick or blush, can complement the richness of your complexion. However, you can also achieve a more subtle, sultry chic with a shade of deep red such as crimson, maroon, or scarlet. If you’re really looking to wow the crowd with a modern appeal, try out an ultra-cool metallic bronze that shimmers and shines against dark skin tones.

Medium skin
A classic red lip is always in—especially for those with medium skin tones! Try anything from a true red to cranberry shades that work well with your golden undertones. For a healthy glow, try an apricot-colored blush, which pairs perfectly with your medium complexion.

Fair skin
When you’re working with fair skin tones, you essentially have a neutral palette that will allow even the most muted colors to have stunning contrast. To highlight the color of your eyes, consider applying a little champagne eyeshadow, which will offer a hint of dark shading. You can complement this eye color with ballerina-pink blush for rosy cheeks. As for a great lipstick shade, go for a bubbly pink or a coral to bring out the rosiness in your cheeks.

So whether you’re attending a casual picnic at the park or a fun night on the town, find a glamorous style that works with your skin tone and set the perfect base with Obagi Professional-C SerumTM 15% to accentuate your natural beauty this summer. Appropriate for all skin tones, this amazing antioxidant Vitamin C serum leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and prepares your skin for any look.