Is it Time for a Cosmetic Spring Clean?

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We’ve all been there…

While getting ready for a special occasion, we reach for a beauty product that isn’t part of our normal routine. You know, the glittery navy blue eyeliner or that tube of extra lash plumping mascara. Maybe you reach for a special shade of sparkly lip-gloss that you don’t wear often. Then BOOM! You apply a dried out, goopy product to your freshly clean face. That is the worst right?

We’re here to remind you that this time of year is a good one for Spring cleaning, and not just our clothes closets, but our bathroom drawers and cabinets too.

It’s a great time of year to throw out those old skin care products that sit there cluttering up your precious space, and let’s be honest: you probably don’t even remember the last time that you used them. Remember, beauty products do go bad!

Read on to find out the main reasons that you know it’s time to throw a skin care product out, and get tossing!


Unopened beauty products have a longer shelf life, but once opened, their expiration date speeds up since they have been exposed to oxygen and toxins in the environment.

It is best to toss liquid products after a year of being open and powder products after two years. Mascara has a shelf life of three to four months, and should be frequently replaced because it can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Lipstick should be tossed after a year and gloss after six months.1 SPF products should be replaced yearly after open, as their effectiveness significantly decreases over time.

Color has Changed

Over time the color of a skincare product can change indicating a change in its chemical makeup or possibly indicating that unwanted agents have contaminated it. It is best to get rid of these products immediately, and you also don’t want to accidentally apply the wrong shade!

Been Open for Over a Year

When a product has been open for over a year, its purity and quality are very likely to have degraded. Exposure to oxygen introduces particles to the formulation that can change the makeup of the product or even promote harmful bacteria growth. When in doubt, toss it out!

Change in Texture and Consistency

When their texture and consistency have changed, it is sometimes best to toss your beloved products. This is because they may no longer apply evenly and can therefore leave you with unwanted variations in appearance.

No Longer Serves its Purpose in Springtime

Springtime is time for skin rejuvenation. You might want to think about switching your heavy moisturizer for a lighter lotion, since skin will not tend to be so dry in the warmer months.  

Above all else, there is no better feeling than a fresh skin care area or bag with little clutter and fresh products. Why not start off the Springtime with your best foot forward and a fresh face?



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