How Obagi Helps Me Age Gracefully: Obagi Ambassador Robin

04.22.2014, 10:53 CDT | Posted In: Lines & Wrinkles, Signs of Aging, Obagi Stories

Robin Steckling 2014 Ambassador March blog

Sometimes, it’s not a specific skin condition that concerns our patients, it’s the potential for those conditions, such as skin aging, sun spots, or fine lines and wrinkles that they want to keep at bay that drives them to initially use Obagi®. Our latest Obagi Ambassador, Robin, is a long-time Obagi fan who proudly eased into her 60s with good skin care and a healthy lifestyle. This is her Obagi story.

Name: Robin Steckling
Primary Skin Concern: Signs of Aging 
Current Skin Care: Obagi Nu-Derm® System, ELASTIderm™ Eye Products

My Story: 
I LOVE Obagi, and here are just two of the many reasons why: 

  1. An old friend whom I have not seen in many years saw pictures of me on Facebook and sent me this message, "What is your secret? You look just like I remember you from HIGH SCHOOL!!" Keep in mind – our high school careers were many, many years ago! 
  2. A few weeks later, my main squeeze and I had the following conversation: 
    Him: What are you using on your skin? You never seem to age.
    Me: Just Obagi! 
    Him: Well keep using it, your skin is amazing!

These simple conversations literally make me do a happy dance! I giggle to think that I'm over 60 and receive these kinds of unsolicited remarks. 

My more youthful-looking skin (thanks to Obagi) also encourages me to maintain my appearance other ways such as living and eating healthfully and staying physically active. I am so grateful to have found a skin care regimen that has delivered me ever-so-gently into my 60s... because I intend to fight the signs of aging kicking and screaming! There's no law saying we can't be ‘hot’ as we get older, right?! 

We also asked Robin some fun questions to get to know her better. 
What do you do for fun? I love to go out with my friends, all of whom make me laugh and share my belief that laughter (and sometimes vodka) is the best medicine!

What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you about your skin thanks to Obagi? My significant other recently told his 22-year-old son my age. His son replied “That’s impossible! She has no wrinkles!” Now, he could be vision-challenged… but I doubt it because his dad is an eye doctor.

What is your one best piece of skin care advice? In general, healthy living. Specifically, never smoke, eat fruit and veggies, sleep well and minimize stress. Oh, and use Obagi!

Has Obagi helped you maintain your confidence as you gracefully too? Be sure to share your story to enter to become our next Obagi Ambassador and win free Obagi products.  

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