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05.13.2013, 10:00 CDT | Posted In: Health & Beauty

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Winter is officially behind us, spring has sprung, and May is coming into full bloom with a bright new focus: your health! In addition to being warmer and sunnier, May is Family Wellness Month, and this week also happens to be National Women’s Health Week. We can’t think of a better opportunity to reenergize and reassess your health and wellness for optimal and healthy living.

Put Some Personal Time on the Calendar
You may have regular hair or nail appointments, but what about routine physicals, dental checkups, and skin cancer screenings with your dermatologist? Consider dedicating this month to scheduling these important doctor appointments for you and the rest of your family. Then you can head into a summer full of fireworks and barbecues knowing you’ve got your and your family’s health in check.

Eat to Your Health
Health is a topic that impacts everyone in your family, and you can help improve your and your family’s health just by resolving to eat better together. May is a great time of year to start developing good eating habits as so many delicious fruits and vegetables such as cherries and asparagus are finally in season. Visit weekend farmers markets to discover new and interesting local produce, and come armed with recipes for the week to help plan out your purchases. Or spend some quality family time planting a garden and cooking up the fruits and vegetables of your labor together.

Make Time for Family Time
May is a great time to get outside with loved ones. Take advantage of local parks and spend some time in the fresh air enjoying good-for-your-heart activities such as yoga, hiking, biking, or walking on nearby trails. Another fun activity is finding a local race or walk for a cause you believe in, and gathering your family together for a common goal. You’ll feel good in more ways than one. Just make sure you apply a sunscreen such as the Obagi Sun Shield Matte Broad Spectrum SPF 50*, especially when you’re spending time outdoors, to help protect your family’s skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Take this opportunity during National Women’s Health Week and Family Wellness Month to start eating, living, and celebrating better with the people you love most. By this time next year, you and your family will have a lot of healthy reasons to celebrate.


*Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen SPF 30 or higher together with a comprehensive sun protection program including wearing sun protective clothing, hats, sunglasses, and avoiding the sun between the hours of 10am - 2pm may help reduce the risk of premature skin aging

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