Give Your Man the Gift of Great Skin

12.05.2012, 15:25 CST | Posted In: Signs of Aging, Skin Care

Give Your Man the Gift of Great Skin

Shopping for your man can be stressful, especially when you’re trying to pick out the perfect holiday gift. This year, put down the collared shirts, ties, and socks—give your man a gift that you can both enjoy.

It’s no secret that men could use some help in the skin care department. Many men believe a sufficient skin care regimen consists of a bar of soap, shaving cream, and a razor. They may be too busy or simply uninterested in caring for their skin, but the truth is that men need a proper skin care routine just as much as women do.

Although a man’s skin is generally thicker and less prone to irritation than yours might be, men are more frequently exposed to elements that can contribute to the appearance of aging skin. Have you noticed fine lines and wrinkles or pesky dark spots on your man? Does his skin make him look older than he actually is?

Men are generally less sun-savvy than women and may not be protecting themselves against UV damage, which can be a contributor to aging skin. Applying sunscreen is the number one thing a man can do to reduce the appearance of aging skin.1 Not to mention that in men over 50, the risk of developing melanoma is much higher than in the general population.2

Fortunately, the Obagi Nu-Derm® System contains all the necessities for your man to practice proper skin care. The Nu-Derm System is specifically designed to systematically transform the appearance of skin and help minimize the signs of aging.

The Nu-Derm System will provide your man with a step-by-step approach to skin care. Included in the kit is a cleanser to remove excess dirt and oil while helping to prevent further skin damage. He will also be equipped with an unscented moisturizer that hydrates skin for a fresh, radiant glow as well as a broad-spectrum sunscreen for defense against harmful UV rays

Of course, if he’s not the type to follow a skin care routine, it may take a little convincing. Show him what his transformation with Nu-Derm may look like without applying even a single product—the Obagi Virtual Transformation Tool will give him a glimpse of what Obagi can do for his skin.

This year, open your man’s eyes to a skin care system that really delivers, and remember—if you love Obagi products, chances are he will too!

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