Alpha Hydroxy Acids: The Beauty Secret That Gave Cleopatra Her Glow

04.29.2013, 9:54 CDT | Posted In: Acne & Blemishes, Lines & Wrinkles, Signs of Aging, Texture, Skin Care

Alpha Hydroxy Acids: The Beauty Secret That Gave Cleopatra Her Glow

When you hear the word “exfoliant,” most people think of scrubs or harsh microbeads that slough off dead skin cells. But abrasive exfoliants like these can actually cause inflammation and damage your skin. Instead, consider gentle chemical exfoliants that contain alpha hydroxy acids. From exfoliating away acne and acne scars to helping improve the look of wrinkles and dark spots, alpha hydroxy acids have been used to help firm and smooth the skin1 for centuries—even by the stunning Cleopatra, according to legends.

How does alpha hydroxy acid work its magic?
Unlike most exfoliants, alpha hydroxy acid is a nonabrasive group of naturally occurring acids found in various foods. In its most common forms as glycolic acid, lactic acid, and citric acid, topical alpha hydroxy acids can help remove dead skin cells,1 sloughing away dead cells without irritating the skin. They’re also very popular for their ability to increase the thickness of deeper layers of skin, promoting much-sought-after firmness.1

Experience the power of alpha hydroxy acids for yourself by visiting your skin care physician and asking about Obagi Nu-Derm® Exfoderm® Forte. With 6% glycolic acid and 4% lactic acid, the moisturizing treatment gently yet effectively removes your old skin cells while promoting new skin cells for a lighter, brighter, firmer complexion.

Now that you’re aware of the natural benefits of alpha hydroxy acids, why wait? Join the generations of women who have used it with success, and give your skin a transformation worthy of a queen today.

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