7 Dates You Can Take Yourself On

09.02.2015, 10:23 CDT | Posted In: Health & Beauty

Woman looking at museum art

Who says dating is just for couples? Whether you’re part of a twosome or not, one of the joys in life is finding out that you can date yourself! So why not choose one (or all!) of these 7 Dates You Can Take Yourself On this weekend?

  1. Explore the local museum. Whether you live in a metro area or not, there is likely a local museum that is full of fascinating art and artifacts from days gone by. There’s a lot to be said for visiting a museum solo, as you can take your time to linger where you want to and move past those things you don’t want to see. Expert Tip: If you do live in a metro area, visit when it’s NOT tourist season, usually May-September, to really enjoy everything your chosen location has to offer.
  2. Find - and then visit - the #1 rated coffee shop in your area. If you do a quick Google search for the “#1 Rated Coffee Shop “ in your area, you’ll likely find a list of some quaint and out-of-the-way coffee shops that are high in the “cool” factor. Sometimes the best coffee shops are the ones that are tucked away in little neighborhoods that you would never otherwise visit. This date is perfect for a rainy day, or for a pensive time when all you need is a great cup of coffee, your pen, and your journal to record your dreams.
  3. Take a walk at the beach, park, or lake. Hiking trails are probably all around you - even if you haven’t seen them before. While we wouldn’t recommend that you go hiking in a remote area by yourself, there are likely some spots right in your area that are worth exploring for some 1:1 time with yourself. Many beaches and parks have trails that wind through them; why not go find out if yours does?
  4. Go For Tacos in Nature. In the spirit of #3 on our list, one of our favorite solo-dates is Tacos in Nature. It involves a local taco drive-thru, your car, and a spectacular natural environment. Buy tacos at a local restaurant, and eat them while sitting in your car and enjoying a spectacular sunset or wonderful nature view. Talk about front-row seats! And you never have to worry about noisy people messing up the moment.
  5. Visit a Local Town. Many of us are privileged to live in an area where we can escape with just an hour or two drive to somewhere else. In Southern California, where Obagi’s offices are located, there are several such places. One of our favorites is a quaint little town in the mountains about an hour from Obagi’s offices. The town is famous for its apple pies, and is the perfect solo escape from the rigors of daily life. Where might your nearby escape be?
  6. Indulge in a Mini Spa Day. If you have a couple of hours to spare and want to treat yourself, why not indulge in a mini spa day? Mani, Pedi, and Massage is sometimes exactly what the doctor ordered and goes a long way to showing yourself how much you love you.
  7. Take a bike ride around the neighborhood. Remember when you were a kid and used to ride your bike everywhere? There was a reason for that - it’s a ton of fun! A bike ride can clear your mind, exercise your body, and be a great way to explore the neighborhood. Why not remember how it feels to have the wind in your hair and take a bike ride around the neighborhood this weekend?

Do you have more date ideas that you can enjoy by yourself? Share them here.


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