3 Tips to Keeping it Fresh with an Obagi® Spring Cleaning

06.02.2015, 16:17 CDT | Posted In: Lines & Wrinkles, Prevention & Protection, Health & Beauty

Spring Cleaning

It’s the time of year to throw open the windows, sweep away the cobwebs, and get ready to enjoy the longer days and warmer weather. Spring Cleaning is a centuries-old tradition meant to symbolically welcome in new life and pragmatically make way for the “new and fresh” in our living spaces.

While you’re Spring Cleaning your living space, why not take inventory of your skin care products, as well? Here are 3 Tips to Keeping it Fresh with an Obagi® Spring Cleaning:

  1. Schedule a Spring Cleaning visit with your local skin care professional for a check up. She can evaluate your skin and your Obagi skin care regimen and let you know if there’s anything you should add (or remove!) from your regular skin care.
  2. Take a look at the expiration dates on your prescription products and sunscreen. It may be time to refresh them, and the expiration dates on the bottles of those products will let you know when that time has come. Out with the old!
  3. Take inventory of the other products you apply to your face, including makeup, makeup brushes, or any other non-Obagi products. Are they clean and current? Have your brushes been washed lately, and are you certain that the products you are using on your face are complimenting (instead of working against) your Obagi skin care routine? (If you aren’t sure, check with your skin care professional when you schedule your Spring Cleaning visit.)

Now is the perfect time to make sure that you’re presenting your freshest face to the world, and it all starts with making sure that your skin care products are at their best so that you can be, too.

Happy Spring from Obagi!

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