20 Minute Home Spa Getaway

10.01.2015, 9:18 CDT | Posted In: Health & Beauty, Products

Woman relaxing in bubble bath

Are you ready to take a vacation to get away from it all? Before you spend a fortune on exotic resort accommodations, take 20 minutes to relax with this Home Spa Getaway.

What You’ll Need:

- A bathtub
- A closed door
- A scented candle (we love lemongrass sage scent for this Getaway, but you can choose your own favorite)
- Bubbles for your bath
- Obagi Hydrate Luxe or your favorite nighttime moisturizer
- 20 minutes
Recommended, but not necessary:
- an iPod or CD playing relaxing spa music

Here are the Instructions for Your 20-Minute Home Spa Getaway:

First: Draw a bath and fill it with hot water and some bubble bath. The warmth of the water and the fragrance of the bubble bath will soothe your body and calm your mind.

Next: Light the Candle, Close the Door, Turn on the Tunes. Create a space where YOU are in control of what you see, smell, and hear. Much of our daily stress comes because we are subjected to outside assaults on our senses; this is an opportunity to adjust what your senses perceive so that you can relax.

Then: Get in the bath and do nothing. How many to-do lists include “do nothing” as one of their steps? Just do it. Nothing. You’ll thank us later.

…Allow at least 20 minutes to pass…

Finally: Step out of the tub and slather your body with a moisturizer like our Hydrate Luxe. Don’t skimp on this important step to help restore moisture to your skin.

Bonus: If you’ve timed your 20-Minute Spa Getaway correctly, you’ll have nothing else to do except slip into bed and get a great night’s sleep. Your body and mind will be ready for it, and we have no doubt that you’ll wake up the next morning refreshed and ready to conquer your day.