Product Details

Convenient Silicone Gel

Convenient and cosmetic treatment option for managing scars.

  • Dermatix Ultra silicone gel is well accepted by patients when applied correctly in a thin layer1
  • Dermatix Ultra is not a silicone sheet and does not require tape2
  • Makeup can be applied over Dermatix Ultra silicone gel to help camouflage scars1
  • Suitable for all skin types2

Please see Information for the Consumer.

References: 1. Mustoe TA. Evolution of silicone therapy and mechanism of action in scar management. Aesth Plast Surg. 2008;32:82-92. 2. Dermatix Ultra Information for the Consumer. Aliso Viejo, CA: Valeant Pharmaceuticals N.A.; 2007.